Tea Tree Oil For Skin Tags Can Get Results in 3-5 Weeks!

Tea Tree Oil For Skin Tags

How to remove skin tags with Tea tree oil

What are skin tags?

Skin tags are medically known as Acrochorda and show up mostly around the neck, on the armpit, eyelid, inner thigh and in the groin areas of the skin. These growths are normally flesh–colored and can vary in size and shape.

They are comprised of a dense collection of blood vessels (which is why they bleed so severely if you try to cut or remove them by hand) and collagen fibers. They have no adverse effect n your health and normally are not painful to the touch. 

We do not know why we get skin tags or what the actual trigger for their formation is. Theories include:

  •  Obesity
  • Dramatic hormonal changes
  • Diabetes
  • Steroids use
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Frequent rubbing against clothing.It is perfectly normal to get a skin tag at some time in your life and is not a cause for panic.Removing a skin tag can be frustrating. It cannot be picked off; you will risk excessive bleeding and possible infection. A doctor will sometimes use liquid nitrogen, but that usually leaves a scar. Another medical method is electrocautery, which will send a jolt of electricity to your skin tag at the base to zap it off and cauterize in one step. Again, there is a risk of scarring.One of the more successful and ways to remove skin tags is using all artificial Tea Tree Oil.

Why Use Tea Tree Oil to Eliminate Skin Tags?

Tea Trees Oil is anti-microbial and antiseptic extract and is always known for its excellent healing qualities.

The oil is applied directly to your skin tag(s). If you have a cluster of skin tags, the oil is a perfect way to treat them and it will save you time. Many other methods require a tag-by-tag application to be effective.

Applying Tea Tree Oil not intrusive and does not cut or cause bleeding. It does take longer than freezing or electrocuting the tags but is much healthier for your skin.

Is Tea Tree Oil excellent for Skin Tags?

Tea tree Oil, which is a colorless essential oil is obtained from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifoliate (tea trees), found in Australia.

The oil has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal elements, which aid in drying out the skin tags while keeping your skin healthy.
• Antiseptic and antimicrobial (active) properties
• Tags will reduce in size when depressed of oxygen and the supply of blood is inhibited. Tea tree oil normally has this effect on both triggers.
• It contains Terpinen–4–ol ( an anti-inflammatory agent) and Cineol to ensure the oil penetrates the skin and starts to work on the tag.


How & Why is Tea Tree Oil excellent?

The combined active elements work together to dry up the skin tag while applying anti-bacterial components to ensure there is no infection or irritation. Once the skin tag has dried out, it will turn a dark color and fall off naturally. No scarring, no pain. The treatment can take up to about 6 weeks to be effective.

How to Apply Tea Tree Oil for Skin Tags?

Tea Tree Oil contain no known interactions with medication and is very safe for pregnant women or nursing mothers to use.

There are only a few methods for using the oil and for getting the best possible results. Each individual is unique, as is his or her skin type.
What may work for one person, may not for another. You will have to see which solution works best for you.

1- Tea Tree Oil

• Clean with warm water or a mild cleanser and pat dry the area on and round the skin tags
• Immerse a cotton ball in warm water and squeeze out the excess water, add 2–4 drops Tea Tree Oil into the cotton ball
• Hold this against affected area.
• Rub gently (in a circular motion) for up to about 5 minutes.
• Rinse off with warm water it and gently pat dry the area.
• Repeat three times daily.
• Alternately, hold the cotton ball down with a band-aid for a longer period. You will need to experiment to see what works best for you.
• You can use Tea Tree Oil directly onto the skin tags without diluting it. This may cause some dryness in the area.

2- Tea Tree Oil combined with an Apple Cider-Vinegar and Lemon Juice

Tea Tree Oil combined with an Apple Cider-Vineg

• Blend four drops of an organic apple cider vinegar, with 5 drops of lemon juice and three drops of Tea Tree-Oil in a small bowl.
• Dip a cotton ball in this mixture after which press against affected area.
• Secure the cotton ball with a band-aid and leave it for 5 minutes.
• Repeat two times a day, for up to 10 days.

3- Tea-Tree Oil with Olive Oil

• Mix two to three drops of Tea-Tree Oil with 1 tsp of 100% virgin olive oil in a small bowl
• Rinse and pat dry the affected area or areas before Tea-Tree Oil with Olive Oilapplying.

• Apply this mixture to the skin tags by use of a cotton ball.
• Massage moderately in a circular motion, and then secure the cotton ball with a band-aid.
• Leave for 5 minutes after which you remove it.
• Alternately, jojoba oil, clove oil or even water (or alternatively any other carrier oil instead of olive oil) can be used.

4- Tea-Tree Oil with Castor Oil

This combination process is normally very effective in curing vaginal skin tags.Tea-Tree Oil with Olive Oil
• Mix 3 to 4 drops of tea tree oil and a tsp of castor oil in a small bowl.

• Rinse and pat dry the affected area prior to applying.
• Apply to the affected area.
• Apply this mixture to the skin tags by use of a cotton ball.
• Massage lightly in a circular motion, and then secure the cotton ball with a band-aid.
• Leave for 5 minutes after which remove.
• This mix does not only clears skin tags but also cleanses your skin quite well.
• Note: If you experience a burning or stinging sensation, rinse the area instantly with warm water and pat dry.

5- Tea-Tree Oil with Other Combinations:

If you are not seeing the results which you ware expecting with the previous solution, always there are other natural options for you to try. This would include:
• Cashew plants are well known for their clean, antibacterial, sharp and anti-dysentery properties. The leaves, if not diluted can sting your skin, so be cautious.

• Blood-root can be used to clear dead skin muscles and promote healthy remedial of the skin. The root, when assorted with Tea Tree Oil can improve skin conditions, including skin tags.

• The Fig plant plus Tea Tree Oil each contain antiseptic and antibacterial properties that will dry out and remove skin tags.

• The greater celandine plant, when combined with Tea-Tree Oil, can aid in the removal of skin tag, wart, moles and more.


If you find your skin tags are not drying out after a few days or loosening, try using more Tea-Tree Oil to the cotton ball. Also, if one combination of oils does not work, try another. However, give it a few weeks to work first.

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Best Tea Tree Oils for Treating Skin Tags

Always use 100% organic, pure Tea-Tree Oil. There a multitude of products of Tea Tree Oil are available widely at the market in your local health food store or local pharmacy. Some better-known options are:

  1.  Apothecary Tea Tree Oil
  2.  Radha Ordinary Tea Tree Oil
  3.  First Botany Australian Tea Tree Oil


Tips for use:

  1.  Never consume this tea oil into the body. This is an externally used product only
  2.  For delicate or dry skin, dilute the tea tree oil and some water or any carrier oil (Olive Oil, Jojoba Oils).
  3. Always use 100 percent natural tea-tree oil. No substitutes!
  4.  Do a skin test first on a small patch of skin always before using these methods to make sure you will not have a reaction to it.
  5.  Keep Tea-Tree Oil from sensitive areas like the eyes area, eyelids, anus, and genital areas, etc.
  6. Before applying any solution, always rinse the area with warm water or use a mild cleanser, then gently pat dry.
  7. There are Tea Tree Oil creams and sprays – you can also try those.
  8. To make sure the areas around where you are applying the solutions do not become dry, you can rub petroleum jelly on them, creating a barrier.
  9. If you need to dilute the Tea-Tree Oil, blend one to two drops of the oil with 1 tablespoon of any complementary oil like sunflower oil or with an Aloe Vera oil.


You know your skin best. Finding the right solution and is to treat those annoying skin tags may take a bit of trial and error, but if you are persistent and find the perfect one, your skin will benefit.

By removing the skin tags you currently have is no guarantee they will not return. By maintaining a healthy skincare routine by washing your face daily with warm water and a mild cleanser and using natural, skin-friendly products that keep your skin clear of bacteria, you will reduce the chances of having them return; and you will have a beautiful, healthy glow.

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  1. Essential oils is awesome have seen it being used by one of my roommates in college. She was able to get rid of all the skin tags within a span of three months and have the most beautiful skin.


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