Shea Butter For Hair: All You Need To Know About It

Shea butter for hair
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Shea Butter For Hair

1-What is Shea Butter

A lot of people are wondering why use shea butter for hair. shea butte is a natural extract from a pit of a magnifolia tree. The tree grows in Central and West Africa.

The pits are extracted from the fruit, boiled and the sun dried. They are then roasted for a complete dehydration. The butter is in a form of a light-colored fat. It resembles lumps of caramel cream. It is a triglyceride obtained from stearic and oleic acids.

Natural shea butter is widely used in the cosmetics for making hair and skin related products. It is used to make lip gloss, moisturizing creams and hair conditioners.

Unrefined shea butter is at its best natural form. All the vitamins, minerals, and other natural components are retained.

  • The traditional method of making unrefined butter consists of simple steps :

– The nut is separated with the pulp.
– The nuts are then crushed into butter and roasted in pots.
– These are ground into a smoother paste followed by addition of water.
– The oil is extracted in a curd state after which water is removed.
– The final creamy and yellow product is placed in cool places to harden.

Shea butter is also classified in five grades for commercial purposes. These are grade A, B, C, D and E. These range from raw to contaminated forms. The unrefined version has a yellow tint which depicts Vitamin A. This product is associated with many skin and hair benefits. This formula produces baby soft curls.

2-Uses shea butter

Shea butter is suitable for all hair types. The usage varies on whether the hair is straight, curly or thick. Shea butter has been used for a long period of time to soothe a dry and itchy scalp.

• This product is also very important in removing cradle cap in infants. It is applied on an oily scalp to reduce oil production by the skin glands.

• This natural hair product is used to provide moisture for dry and damaged hair. It prevents the hair from being brittle. This problem is very common in hot and windy areas.

• The flaking effects due to dryness are eliminated easily.

• It is used to seal moisture into the hair follicles. It coats each hair in a thin and a non-greasy layer of fat. This protects your hair against harsh weather conditions. It is very useful for black hair which has the tendency of drying up.

• Shea butter has moisture retention properties. This process happens without a greasy effect.

• This product is used to protect the hair from heat. It prevents heat from the tools from interacting with your hair. It is claimed to contain a significant amount of SPF. This prevents your hair from UV rays emanating from the sun.

• It is believed to contain anti-inflammatory properties.

• It applied on hard and brittle hair to make it softer. The moisturizing effect makes it useful for dry, fragile and curvy hair. It is useful for hair that is colored, heat treated or relaxed.

3-how to use shea butter for hair

Natural shea butter is good for hair.

This thick and dense product are ideal for a hair moisturizer. It is a luxurious natural product for nourishing and strengthening natural hair. This is true, especially for curly hair. It has great moisturizing factors unmatched by any essential. It acts by sealing in the water which induces the moisturizing effect. The application process on your hair is very simple.

There are few tips on how to use shea butter on natural hair.

You can use it alone or with your favorite conditioner for extra moisture. Maintenance of moisture in your hair depends on the ability of your product to lock water in the hair.

An even application of shea butter on natural hair leaves hair with well-sealed ends. It can also be applied to the entire strand for supreme coverage. The product breaks down with body temperature. Rubbing with both hands breaks it down into an oily form Sometimes it is hard to melt in hand.

The alternative is to combine it with olive oil or coconut. This improves the distribution and the shiny effect. It should apply deep into the scalp to help in removing dandruff and dry scalp.

The best batch of scalp ointment is obtained by combining shea butter with lavender, peppermint or tea tree oil. Avoid using too much to prevent residues from being left behind. The moderate application ensures the products melts down into the hair quickly and effectively.

4-shea butter benefits

One of the benefits of using shea butter for hair is a protection of the hair shaft. This product is rich in natural triglycerides and omega6 fatty acids. The bio-actives present allows it to penetrate the hair shaft and strengthen it from within. This lubricates the hair to prevent breakage and promote growth. It also helps in sealing moisture in your hair.

Shea butter contains saponifiable and oleic content. These help in providing deep penetrating moisture. This product helps in preventing the hair from heat damage. Shea butter is thick and creamy which coats the hair effectively. This helps in protecting the hair from thermal damage from exposure to sunlight. Some of this heat may come from blow drying, hot combs, flat iron, and wands. It helps in soothing your scalp without clogging the pores.

Shea butter contains natural bio-actives that help in strengthening and promoting hair growth. It melts down at body temperature for effective application. You can use it to soothe your scalp and get rid of dandruff. It is a great moisture binding product. You don’t need to worry about harsh weather conditions or hot hair tools.

You can melt it down by putting it in a bowl of water for an easy application and rubbed deep into the hair . Careful application leaves your hair smooth and shiny.

The advantage is that it does not leave your hairy greasy, and you can be applied to the hair before or after shampooing. The unrefined shear butter is 100 percent natural and produces excellent results. It is available in many beauty supply stores.

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