Paintball Bruises : Treating and Avoiding Them


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Despite the fact that a player who gets hit while playing paintball is generally going to feel a trivial tingle that is going to fade fast, paintballs can also be the cause of bruises and welts. It depends on the velocity of a ball, the amount of distance that a ball travels, and the part of your body that a ball hits you at.

Despite the fact that playing Paintball offers great entertainment, it is also the cause of numerous bruises. And each and every bruise has its story. They can be compared with war wounds. The account can be expressed as photographs, as well. If you venture online you’ll get pictures with samples of the forms of bruises that you could get playing this game.

The accounts on bruises resulting from paintball cover the gamut from getting a zing from shots that isn’t all that powerful to getting blasted. The greater part of the paintball bruises that you are going to receive is going to disappear, as time passes, just as the case is with the majority of bruises. While a few bruises will heal inside some weeks others will take several months to heal. A number of bruises also lead to the formation of scar .

The Sample ways of treating Paintball Bruises

At the time that you are keeping at paint balling, you would be keen on avoiding as a lot of paintball bruises, as you are able to. This is not a possibility always, and a number of players even wind up getting severe bruises. If you’re among these who get one such bruise, the section below features options on the way of treating them the best.

Bruises are the result of blood pooling underneath your skin. Amongst the goals of the Treatment techniques is to aid your body in healing. The number of ways of going about this is more the a few. They are helpful in regenerating the cells and this in turn does away with the bruises.

Ice/ Cold Compresses

  • Right on the game drawing to its close and you inspecting the paintball bruises that you have sustained, you should apply ice on the severe bruises.
  • This is going to make the swelling lesser and aid in reducing the visibility of the bruises.
  • You should always ensure that you place the ice within a towel / sparkling cloth for avoiding skin ice-burn from it.

You have the option of using compresses for a length of 15 minutes in an hour. It is going to be of help to you in doing away with burning feelings and itchy feeling, as well.


Warm Compresses

Having had sustained such bruises, and having had made use of compresses all through a day, the time is right to make the switch to balmy compresses.

You use such compresses as wet/dry. A Wet compress is supposed to offer the most excellent outcomes.

  • Immerse a piece of cloth inside lukewarm water.
  • Having done this, you should press the cloth softly against the bruise that you have sustained.
  • If you continue doing this, the pooled blood is going to be diffuses and your blood movement is going to get better.

Vitamin K Creams

A Bruise is known to respond excellently to vitamin K. Though you your body get some Vitamin K through the foods that you have, it typically is not sufficient in helping in the healing of bruises. Any Vitamin K creams could be of help in healing the paintball bruises.

You can purchase it at the drugstore in your locality. While making use of them you should follow the directions for use that are given on the package.

Epsom Baths

Such salts loosen up your muscles and diminish tenderness resulting from bruises.

  • All that you require doing is running a container of balmy water, which isn’t excessively hot and adding Epsom salts.
  • Try soaking within the tub for as an extended duration as the temperature of the water is comfy, letting it alleviate the soreness and loosen up your body.

 All Natural cures for Bruises sustained while playing Paintball

If you’re among those who’d rather do away with your bashes in a way that is more natural, that can be done, as well. You have the option of applying unsullied potato / banana peels on top of the bruise. Stroke the peels on top of the bruised part. You are even able to make use of Band-aids for fixing the peels onto the bruise and changing them a couple of times in a day.

What is the length of time for which Paintball Bruises are going to remain Visible?

On you not having had played a great deal of paintball, it is likely for you to wonder the length of time for which such bruises are going to last. On paintballs striking your skin, they are the cause of the ordeal that leads to bruising. You have to give some time for the bruises to die away, and the time taken differs, based on the degree of bruising that you have incurred.

  • You require putting on protecting clothing while taking part in paintball. Failing this, you are going to be at the receiving end of bruising that’s more severe in nature. The protecting clothing prevents the balls from causing deeper injuries to the skin.
  • If you’re without the appropriate amount of defense against paintball, you are going to be at receiving end of more number of bruises, and bruises that are more severe. Such bruises are going to take more time to get healed.
  • Your susceptibility to bruising is also a factor on the extent of the injuries that you incur. On you being more prone to busy, you are likely to sustain damage of more severe nature as you play. This implies that time taken for the injuries to get well is going to be more.
  • The time taken for the injuries to heal could also depend on the place where the bruise has occurred. Bruises that occur on your neck, ribs, / buttocks are going to take more time to get well compared to bruises that you have sustained on other parts of your body.

The paintball bruises have such lot of variables and isn’t easy to narrow down on the time that they will take to fade. The length of time could be days, weeks/ months. A number of horrific bruises could be of so severe nature that their scars remain on your body long after they are gone.

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Keeping away from Paintball Bruises

Though you can easily get bruised while playing paintball games you can avoid them, to an extent. A number of interventions can be of help in guarding you as you play. Below, we are going to talk about these below.

  • Be dressed in the suitable defensive gear anytime you participate in paintball games. Such a gear protects your skin, as well. Ensure that you put on lengthy pants, a shirt with a lengthy sleeve and also boots. Another gear that will work well is Overalls on top.
  • If you’re more prone to bruises, you must have layers on underneath your defensive paintball gear. You must try keeping your helmet on while at a fight, as well.
  • Be certain that you have protective goggles on to avoid any damage to the eyes.
  • Capitalize on each and every obstacle offered in a paintball game region. By doing this you are able to keep away from a number of the hits that you’re going to receive from paintballs otherwise.

The smarter you’re at your play, and the more effective you’re at using your offense and also your defense, the greater the number of people you will be successful in shooting even as you get shot the least number of times.


Now that you’re more acquainted with paintball associated welts and bruises, you are not going to have any problem in treating them while at your own residence. You have found out what function the finest to lessen the quantity of inflammation and the way of less the length of time for which a bruise remains on the skin.

Moreover, you have found out about the forms of clothing that you will require for keeping yourself protected even as you enjoy this game and even a number of techniques that will help you avoid hit. Such tips will go a long way in helping you keep yourself paint free and also avoiding any wounds in the process. Regardless the length of time for which you’ve been at this sport, every single one of the tips mentioned above are going to be of great help to you.

Numerous of you who are reading this writing are possibly novices at this game. However, you are now familiar with what to anticipate from the game. The information provided in this article is likely to ease your mind had you been concerned about getting yourself hurt while playing this game. On employing some common sense and also a number of preventive measures, you are going to be able to get pleasure from this sport for numerous years to come.

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