How To Get Rid of Bruises Fast?

How to get rid of bruises

How to get rid of bruises: Overview

Bruises are some of the most common form of injuries that we all sustain from accidents for either minor or major type. The bruising may happen when someone falls down or is hit by something and the blood clots and there is no wound as such. They can take months to heal and can leave a very uncomfortable mark on the body and the bruise pain a lot unless it is completely healed.

Even when it is healed over a period of time, the blood clotting can leave behind a bluish black mark, which may not heal ever. However, there are many ways in which bruises can be treated and that in turn would ensure that the bruise is completely healed. To heal a bruise, a thorough understanding of what a bruise is and how it is being caused is essential for the patient to treat it well at home. Here we are going to share some remedies for how to get rid of bruises, which are noted to be effective enough.

What is a bruise?

A contusion of the skin that occurs when tiny blood cells right under the skin surface breaks and start leaking blood. This rupture of the capillaries or the tiny blood cells occur when the surface of the skin is bumped hard on a surface but there is no bleeding or tearing of the skin. The bruise can occur in various shapes and sizes and can be of a different color like red, blue, purple, or black depending on where the bruising has taken place and the depth of the bruising. The degree of pain also varies depending on the cause of the bruising. Bruising can either become swollen and really painful or at times, it can even go unnoticed except for the discoloration of the skin where it has occurred. It can also become very sensitive to touch.

How to Get Rid of Bruises Fast

Who can suffer from bruises?

The bruising of the skin is common to both young and old and it is always very important to take note of what caused the bruising in order to start the treatment accordingly at the earliest. Depending on the severity of the bruise, it can be treated with professional medical attention or even at home with simple home remedies. The level of tolerance of the patient when it comes to the pain caused by bruises also depends on the age of the patient.

What Causes of Bruises?

The most common reason for bruising of the skin is blunt trauma to the skin surface or in simpler terms hurting the skin surface with anything blunt that does not tear the skin yet hurts hard enough can lead to bruising. This can happen when you trip and fall on a hard surface, or if you bump on a hard surface with significant amount of force. Whichever may be the cause, the crash is hard enough to rupture the blood vessels but not hard enough to break open the skin surface.

Bruising can also occur from various other reasons, which may not be as apparent as an accident where you bump and get a bruise.

  • Vigorous exercising

Bruising can occur when you go through hard work out on a daily basis. Usually, the muscles undergo microscopic tear that eventually heals and makes the muscles stronger as you exercise but when you do so very frequently the tears do not get enough time to heal and that in turn lead to bruises. Such bruising is particularly noticeable in person who practices heavy weight lifting and similar extremely intense exercises.

  • Unexplainable reasons

Bruises can occur all of a sudden without any obvious cause. The unexplainable reasons can either be an accident that you cannot recall or it can occur due to aging and even be the side effects of certain medications. Bruising can occur even after taking an injection around the part where the injection was given.

  • Heredity

The tendency to develop bruises is observed in several people and this can be hereditary. The tendency to bruise easily from the slightest of accidents often runs through the family and that in turn can be a cause for bruising among many people. Deficiency of certain vitamins like vitamin c in the body can be the cause for developing bruises easily.

Why bruises change color?

Often it is observed that the bruise changes color over a period of time. The pattern of the color changing of the bruise makes it easy for the doctors to determine when and how the patient incurred the bruise. The body has its own mechanism to heal a bruise and that in turn leads to the changing color of the bruises.

On the initial 1 or 2 days of bruising, the place where the bruise have occurred looks reddish and the hemoglobin of the blood is broken and it starts to lose oxygen. At this point, the bruise start turning purple or black depending on the density of blood vessels that have been rapture In the next 5 to 10days, the healing process starts and biliverdin is produced from further breakdown of hemoglobin and the bruise takes a greenish tint around the edges in particular. After 10 to 14days of the accident, the biliverdin is broken down and a substance called bilirubin is produced that imparts a yellowish or brown tinge to the bruise. The bilirubin dissolves into the bloodstream and is carried to the liver and kidney where the final processing takes place and it is being ejected from the body through excretion.

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Remedies to bruising

There are several treatments for how to get rid of bruises but first and foremost one should perform the first aid to contusion immediately after it occurs. If the contusion is treated as soon as the injury occur the chances of the bruise becoming too obvious and painful is reduced.

  • Immediate treatment:

First one should apply ice to the affected area. Make an ice pack or even a frozen bag of vegetables and from flowing into the surrounding tissue and the bruise from becoming larger. To get the best result apply the ice pack for 2 to 3 times a day. You also bandage the area strongly in case you do not have any access to ice pack or cold compress.

Elevate the bruised area for a while to prevent the blood from flowing and the size of the contusion increasing. One can elevate the part by simply propping the part on a pillow or holding the part high for a while and resting while the flow downward is prevented.

Take rest and make sure the muscles around the bruised area are not worked hard for a few days at least to ensure the bruise is not increased in size or intensity. This would also help the bruise heal quicker.

Once you have rested the part, elevated and applied the cold compress for approximately 48 hours, next start applying heat to the part of the body. Prepare a heat pack with warm washcloths and apply it for ten minutes on the contusion for at least 2 to 3 times a day. This is a crucial step and would enhance the healing process and help in moving the trapped blood to move and allow the skin to reabsorb the blood quickly.

  • Home remedies to get rid of bruises

Once the immediate treatment is done, the next step is to opt for subsequent treatment that can be done at home easily and would help you with how to get rid of bruises

1-Vitamin C

In any form or even as supplement is very helpful for healing bruises. Vitamin C reduces the chances of inflammation and speeds up the healing process. One can increase citrus fruits in their diet and also green leafy vegetables to help your body get the required nutrients. Supplements in a certain amount are also very effective for bruise treatment.


2-Vitamin K

Vitamin K is another good nutrient for ensuring the bruises are being treated well. It is noted for treating blood clotting in tissues. One can simply increase the intake of vitamin K rich food in their diet to get relief from the bruises quickly.


3-Parsley leaves

Parsley leaves are rich in both Vitamin C and K and it is hence a very good all- round treatment for bruises. One can increase their intake of the leaves internally or simply crush the leaves and make a paste with them and apply the paste on the bruised area to get relief. One can simply apply the paste and then tightly bandage the part to help the body absorb the nutrients from the parsley leaves.



4-Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a noted herb that has multiple uses in skin care and even as a medicinal plant. The aloe Vera plant produces a gel like sap, which is noted for its anti-inflammatory properties and has been used to prepare various concoctions for the treatment of injuries like bruises. You can simply apply the freshly squeezed aloe Vera gel on the bruised area or dilute the gel with a little water. Leave it on for thirty minutes at least. The cooling and tingling effect of the gel is an indication of the treatment acting on the skin.
aloe vera

5-pineapple fruit

Eating the pineapple fruit or drinking the juice of the pineapple is a great way to internally help the body absorb nutrients for quickly healing a bruise. The enzyme bromelain has anti-inflammatory effects and it is present in plenty in this particular fruit. Pineapple also helps in preventing blood clots and hence speeds up the healing process.


Applying the juice from a crushed onion or the inner surface of the onion scales on the bruised part would help in preventing bruises as well as help with the healing procedure. The compound allicin present in onions stimulates the lymphatic system and prevent the excess of blood from collecting under the skin surface.



Vinegar is another remedy to bruises as it has the ability to draw away the blood from gathering under a bruise. It helps by breaking the blood cells that is clogged under the bruised part.

Lastly, pain relievers are the best way to ensure that your condition is bearable. The pain from a bruise can often become too much to bear and in such situation the pain relievers are the best choice that you have.

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How to Prevention of the bruise

It is said that “Prevention is better than cure.” And this applies to bruises too. One can easily avoid bruises by being a bit more careful. While playing any kind of sports it is always better to wear protective gears to ensure there is no accident. Also, keeps furniture with pointed and sharp edges facing away from you so that you do not bump on them accidentallyYou can also cover this kind of furniture with soft, rounded corner guards to avoid troubles.

If you are under a bruise triggering medication make regular appointments with doctors to monitor the condition of your body and ensure the chances of bruising is minimal.

Increase citrus fruits, green vegetables, and other nutrients, which prevent bruising in your diet to ensure that you do not easily develop a bruise on your body from any accident.

How long does a bruise last?

The lasting period of the bruise depends on two major factors. The first factor is the intensity of the bruise and how badly you are hurt. The second factor is the ability of the individual to heal well. However despite these factors, one cannot say for sure how long a bruise would take to heal and it can happen that someone with excellent health condition cannot heal from the bruise for months at a stretch. If the bruise is minimal it can healed completely without leaving a mark in 14 days or so but otherwise, it can even last more than that depending on how well you rest and whether the bruise is treated well enough.

Do you need medical attention?

At times, the bruise may take a long time to heal or the pain may be unbearable and these are signs that you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible for the issue. There are certain symptoms which are indicators that your bruise is beyond any home remedy and you should seek a doctor’s advice. If the bruised area swells up too much and it is extremely painful you should consult your doctor.

If the clotting appears in form of a lump under the skin, it is another very serious symptom indeed. The pain remains for more than three days though the injury apparently appeared to be minor is also a very major indicator. Bleeding from gums, while urinating and excretion right after sustaining a bruise is a serious symptom to be considered too. If there is a bruise in a delicate and easy to fracture area like at the side of your head and under your eye, you should consult the doctor to lastly if there is no improvement with the bruise even after a couple of weeks, seek immediate medical advice.

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Unexplained bruises

Often you develop a bruise but cannot remember how it happened. There are majorly four factors, which lead to such trouble. Women have a tendency to bruise comparatively easily than men, as their skin is thinner than men. With age, the skin becomes thinner too and so people tend to bruise more with age from even the slightest of accidents and bumps.

Certain medicines like aspirin, antiplatelet agents that slow down blood clotting in the body can lead to increased tendency of bruising for the person who is put under such medications. There are various types of medications for asthma and even allergy outbreaks, which lead to the thinning of the skin and that in turn, can lead to easy bruising for the person taking the medicine. This can happen such that you may develop bruises from minor accidents, which apparently should not have left a mark as such. Apart from medication there are many types of food too that have minor skin thinning properties like garlic, fish oils and food rich in vitamin E which can also trigger bruising easily.

Bruising is a common phenomenon in us and hence it is important to have a thorough understanding of the condition. This, in turn, would help you quickly recover from a bruise and also judge whether your condition requires medical attention. It is always important that you get professional medical advice as soon as you feel that the bruise you have developed is not going to heal easily from home remedies. You can judge this only when you understand the causes and the medical concepts associated with bruising well.

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