Eyelashes Falling Out: Causes and How to Stop It

Eyelashes falling out

Importance of eyelashes in life

Eyelashes – barely ever noticed, but their absence can make a big difference. What not a lot of people realize is that eyelashes play an important role not only in making us look more presentable but also in keeping our eyes protected from the elements. Thick, long lashes work to keep out dust and other particles that could be in the air around us, thus preventing our eyes from irritation.

Mascara, lash extensions, and even lash implants are just some of the many ways that people today highlight this often overlooked facial feature but did you know that some individuals avail of these products and services not for cosmetic purposes? Yes, there are a great number of people in our society that have problems with lash length and thickness. Eyelashes falling out might not seem like such a big problem, but those who suffer from the issue are likely to disagree.

Causes of Eyelash Loss and How to Resolve Them


Eyelashes falling out causes irritation to the eyes, as well as problems with aesthetics. But before you can resolve the situation, it’s important that you pinpoint the reason behind the eyelash loss. Here are some of the most common reasons for eyelashes falling out and what you can do to stop it:

Reasons for Eyelashes Falling Out:


1. Medical Conditions

There are some medical conditions that can cause people to experience eyelash loss. Problems with the thyroid gland, for example, can cause imbalances in a person’s hormones, which in turn affect the growth and integrity of hair all over the body – including the eyelashes. Alopecia areata is another medical condition that affects the immune system, with hair loss as one of its main symptoms. If you suspect that your eyelash loss is being caused by a medical problem, be sure to visit your doctor to get a prompt and appropriate assessment to best treat your case.

2. Irritation

Some products, like eyeliners, mascara, false lashes, eyeshadow, and even your facial wash and shampoo can irritate the sensitive skin on which your eyelashes attach. Irritation of this skin can result to eyelash loss or itching sensations. When a person feels the need to scratch their eyes, they effectively disrupt the lashes in their flimsy arrangement, which can then cause loss of lashes. Frequent and consistent scratching of the areas around the eyes can result a significant lash loss in just a few weeks time.

The best way to resolve this particular eyelash loss cause is to find out what is causing your irritation. Immediately stop using the product and seek alternative products instead. When you feel the need to scratch your eyes, take a warm damp cloth instead and place it over your eyes for a few minutes. This will soothe the irritation and prevent you from having to scratch your lashes off.

3. Anxiety

Trichotillomania is a common psychological issue that many people face. This is triggered by certain anxieties and stressors that are unique to each individual, which then, in turn, causes the person to pull out hairs from any part of their body. When trichotillomania is triggered, a person may pull out lashes to the point of having no lashes at all, which can be a big problem for many.

The best way to resolve the situation is to find alternative outlets for a person to relieve tension built up from stress. Resist the need to pull out hairs by identifying the triggering factors and seeking solutions to make it less stressful all together.

4. Allergies

When an irritation reaches the level of an allergic reaction, the eye and surrounding skin can become inflamed and highly irritated. This can cause lashes to fall out with or without scratching. The best way to address an allergic reaction is to take an anti-histamine prescribed by your doctor and to pinpoint what caused the allergy.

Some cosmetic products, soaps, lotions, and even environmental factors can cause allergic reactions. If your allergic reaction started after using a new product, be sure to cut it out of your regimen to eliminate the chances of a second occurrence.

How to Prevent Eyelash Loss


1. Choose Your Products

Before you buy anything for your face, hair, or skin, be sure you read the labels and find out what they’re made of. As a general rule, organic and natural products are much safer to use and pose lesser risks to your overall health.

2. Avoid Scratching

For whatever the reason, try your best to avoid scratching your eyes. Instead, take a clean, damp, warm cloth and lay it over your eyes for a few seconds when you feel the need to scratch.

3. Eat Healthy

Your lashes, and the rest of your body, will only be as healthy as you make them to be. Eat a healthy diet and take supplements if you can to strengthen and reinforce your eyelashes and hair.

4. Visit Your Doctor

If you’ve already experienced lash loss and you want to prevent further falling, visit your doctor and discuss your situation to get the best advice on what you can do to prevent eyelash loss particular to your case.

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