10 Essential Oils For Toenail Fungus

Essential oils for toenail fungus

10 Essential oils for toenail fungus

Nail fungal infection, another name for which is onychomycosis, is referred to a fungal imbalance that has an effect on your toenails and fingernails.  Its most universal symptom is a coagulating of your nail and its discoloration to green, yellow and even black. With the progress of the problem the bed of the nail become fragile, uncomfortable, and even starts to come away.

This infection is astoundingly widespread and takes place more regularly as you start aging. Going by latest statistics, no less than 5% of individuals are afflicted this infection.  Despite being less noticeable, toenail fungal infectivity is more rampant compared to fingernail. Toenail fungus cannot be stated as an isolated problem and could disclose much about the health of an individual. Nail infectivity could imply that your nails aren’t receiving ample circulation or that your immune system’s affected.

Some facts on toenail fungus

– The standard Location

Though this occurs on any single toenail, the standard site of toenail fungus’s that it’ll first emerge on your big toe’s nail.

– Risk aspects

 There’re various risk aspects for building up the state known that’s referred to as toenail fungus.  A number of such aspects are a family record of toenail infectivity, intense perspiration, and horded toes, less flow of blood in your feet, undermined immune system and also diabetes.

– It is tricky

This fungus could go unidentified for months, or years.

 – Nail Biters are more prone to this fungus

If you’re amongst the fingernail or toenail biters you could be more susceptible to getting nail infectivity and fungus of your toenail.

– A Treatment Plan is indispensable

 This is a resilient infectivity and will never go away if appropriate treatment isn’t done.

– Be wary of OTC Treatments

 Several OTC cures claim to alleviate any individual of fungus that’s present within toenails. However, OTC fungal drugs don’t do anything for this form of toenail infectivity.

– Never apply Polish

On a toenail fungus being diagnosed or suspected, a nail polish could add to its severity.

– Toenail Fungus shouldn’t be left untreated

 This could be the cause of a different ailment that’s referred to as cellulitis.

– It could turn Serious

 On toenail fungus not being treated following numerous months/ years, surgery becomes necessary occasionally for removing the infection.

– You should exercise caution

 Toenail fungus being contagious in nature you have to be careful while you’re at public places, examples being locker rooms and swimming pools, if you aren’t wearing shoes/socks. 

What’s the use of essential oils in such a condition?

Conservative cure is based on how severe the fungus is and also what variety of fungus it is. Topical antifungal pills and creams are regularly prescribed even as you could require the removal of the damaged nail and skin. In several cases, it becomes vital to eliminate the complete nail surgically.

On you being anxious, you ought to schedule a rendezvous with a podiatrist or a dermatologist. However, below, we are going to discuss an efficient, natural and secure cure that you are able to carry out at your residence while not having put in much effort. Many an essential oil has antifungal characteristics and the capability of destroying the dermatophyte fungi, which is the cause of toenail fungus.

10 of the finest essential oils for treatment of toenail fungus and the way of using them


1- Tea Tree Essential Oil

This is amongst the essential oils for toenail fungus and its obtained from the twigs and leaves of “Australian tea tree.” It can be used for curing an extensive assortment of illnesses and people frequently claim that it’s amongst the finest natural cures for nail fungus.

This oil has antifungal characteristics that have verified as incredibly efficient against every single dermatophyte branded as accountable for such infections. You can use this oil alongside additional antifungal oils. However, the majority of evidence indicate that you can rely on its usefulness as a standalone method of cure.

If you pursue a small number of straightforward steps, you could expect toenails that are free from fungus in the times ahead.

  • You should first clean up the nails that are affected with soap and water/ alcohol.
  • Then you make them dry before applying one couple of drops or so of this oil on them.
  • Let the oil steep into the nails for roughly 10 minutes before scrubbing them gently using a supple toothbrush.

There’s no need to make the oil dilute except when a reaction happens or when you apply on the skin.

Go over this treatment on a daily basis till a fresh healthy nail has replaced the infected one.

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This is another of the essential oils for toenail fungus. The oil has thymol, a branded antiseptic that is often present in the medicinal chest rubs that has also proved to be effective in the treatment of nail fungus.

An investigati on that looked at the antifungal results of a standard test rub discovered that

  • Thymol had the capability of effectively inhibiting the development of the dermatophytic accountable for nail fungus while
  • Addition investigations have demonstrated that thymol is capable of destroying candida, another widespread source of this fungus.

Pursue the identical steps that had been discussed above for tea tree oil. The only difference is that you must make the oil dilute while applying on the skin.



This essential oil is endowed with effective antiviral and antifungal traits that could even are better than those that “tea tree oil” has. By itself, this oil’s reputation is on the rise and it’s frequently suggested as a cure for this disease. This essential oil’s an effective treatment for various fungi, which include “dermatophytes,” which is the cause of toenail fungus.


This is considered to be amongst the premium essential oils for toenail fungus. As is the case with such a lot of essential oils, this oil has effective antibacterial characteristics while bring a first-rate way out of fungal complaints.

  • It is branded for destroying assortments of fungus, among which are numerous candida Albicans and dermatophytes.
  • Apply this oil on the affected nails no less than one time daily till your contagion has cleared.



This essential oil is possibly not as trendy as a number of the additional oils mentioned. Nonetheless, it isn’t less effective in any way
as far as the treatment of toenail fungus is concerned. This is amongst the essential oils for toenail fungus having potent antifungal characteristics. If the studies are anything to go by, it’s effective in the treatment of various funguses, which include candida Albicans.


This is a greatly fragrant essential having potent antifungal applications owing to its great percentage of euganol, which is the name of a chemical compound presenting first-rate antifungal activities.

  • The oil’s supreme for the treatment of various fungal complaints that include jock itch and athlete’s foot and
  • It’s greatly suggested as a natural cure for the people suffering from toenail fungus.



Just as clove oil is, this oil too is a rich resource of euganol and it is normally used very successfully against numerous fungal complaints, which include toenail fungus.

  • Similar to the essential oils for toenail fungus that’s been listed above, this oil’s very successful in holding back the development and multiplying of fungi related to toenail fungus.
  • It is also reminiscent of Christmas, which despite being irrelevant to the disease makes it amongst the essential oils that many prefer.

8- LAVENDERSoulflower-Lavender

This oil is worthy of a mention as it has antifungal characteristics and is occasionally
suggested for the treatment of toenail fungus.

Although this oil is beneficial to your health in numerous ways, it isn’t as efficient in the treatment of toenail fungus since it’s believed to inhibit just a couple of the several dermatophytes that are the cause of the complaint.


Though coconut oil isn’t an essential oil theoretically it’s functional anti-fungal oil.

The acids that are present in the oil can aid in

  • Melting the nail and
  • Killing the fungus

 The blend of coconut and some tea tree oil drops is a potent blend. As coconut oil think it stays in place more easily compared to the liquefied oils.

10- ORANGE Oil

Orange oil’s one more all natural anti-fungal that you are able to apply daily to your toenails for curing an infection. 

  • Make use of a dropper for applying oil onto nails and among toes. 
  • After applying it let it stay for no less than an hour such that it soaks in. 

This oil could be excessively strong for individuals having sensitive skin.

  • On this being the case, you should make the oil dilute by mixing it with any all-natural carrier is a ratio of 1:1.
  • And, given the commonness of citrus allergies, you’re suggested to test the oil on any part of your skin that isn’t infected ahead of applying it on the infected nails. 

Besides essential oils there are other methods of caring for your toenails your toenails are keeping them free of fungus that you can do at your residence. The most effective and trivalent among them are the use of:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • White vinegar
  • Listerine Mouthwash
  • Garlic
  • And Lemon juice

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