How To Get Rid of Broken Capillaries on Face?

Broken capillaries on face: Causes and treatment


broken capillaries on face

Many times, the appearance of broken capillaries on face would make people think the person is probably a drunkard because too much alcohol in the system dilates the blood vessels causing them to swell up near the surface. Similarly, smokers also get red in the face, especially on the nose, as well as people who spent too much time under the sun.

Commonly referred to as spider veins, these broken capillaries are actually fine veins that appear near the surface of the skin because of swelling or because they’ve been functioning abnormally to allow a smooth blood flow. The best treatment for this condition is a combination of vascular lasers and an IPL procedure.

What are some of the common causes of broken face capillaries?


1. Genetics.

This is said to be the major cause of spider veins. Some individuals are more vulnerable to broken capillaries due to their family genetics. If a close relative suffered from spider veins for instance your grandparent, then the odds that you will get these broken capillaries are high.

2. Pregnancy in women.

The hormonal changes that are experienced during pregnancy are responsible for triggering the breaking of these capillaries in the face. This could be attributed to the elevated blood flow which stresses the veins so much leading to the appearance of these broken capillaries.

3. Drugs such as alcohol and cigarettes.

Drug abuse leads to the increase in blood pressure. This consequently results into making the blood vessels to swell and even worse, breaking. Additionally, cigarettes oxidize the cells and also weaken the circulatory system. This leads to low resistance and weakened capillaries that are more prone to breakage.

4. Age.

With time, our skin gets thinner and loses its elasticity and also loses the collagen which directly triggers the formation of spider veins. The frequency of occurrence of broken veins is said to increase with increase in age with the effects being so much visible under the eyes because of the thin eyelids.

5. Environmental factors.

The most common cause of broken capillaries include the rapid change in temperature e.g. like visiting saunas or even washing your face with extremely hot water. This leads to the damage of the capillary lumen leading into broken capillaries. Although exposure to sunlight does not necessarily cause spider veins, medical practitioners advice that you should use sun protectors when sun bathing at the beach and mostly during summer period.

Generally, broken capillaries are caused by the weakening of the capillary wall due to rapid expansion or contraction resulting either from extreme temperatures or as a result of alcohol and tobacco abuse.

However, in case you already have the broken capillaries on your face and you are so eager to eliminate those red spots, then there is no need to worry, there are numerous treatments involved and I will take you through some of the common remedies against these broken capillaries.

Broken capillaries on face treatment

Undergoing a laser treatment.

There are a few laser medications that can be prescribed by your dermatologist. Laser beams target individual broken blood vessels (capillari rotti) that effectively expel them from under the skin. Intense pulsed light is yet another treatment of comparative nature yet targets more affected areas. Your dermatologist will recommend which medication is most effective for your body type.

Doctors’ advice that in case you receive a laser treatment, you ought to avoid the sun until it recuperates legitimately. It is imperative to follow after-care directions to the letter to ensure your skin safety. Once in a while you may require more than one treatment to completely expel every one of these broken vessels. If your skin type is vulnerable to broken vessels, then you require laser treatment from time to time.

Administering Vitamin C and Lysine Supplements.

While there is no confirmation of decrease in broken capillaries (capillari rotti) with the assistance of vitamin C and lysine yet individuals who have utilized it report lessening in the wake of using these supplements in their everyday life. However, it is suggested that you consult with you doctor rather than buying off-the-shelf products.


Home remedies to broken blood vessels on face 

1. Use of Buckeye.

Buckeye simply refers to the extract of a Horse chestnut seed that has for long been known to humans to be efficient against broken capillaries and also varicose veins. This is possible due to the Aescin ingredient which is capable of enhancing the integrity of the capillaries therefore acting more as a preventive measure against the bursting of capillaries.

2. Use of Butchers broom.

Butchers room refers to an effective shrub plant used to enhance blood circulation and constrict veins. It is known to not only eliminate the appearance of broken capillaries but also to enhance your skin complexion. Scientific research has also proven the effectiveness of Butchers broom to cure haemorrhoids.

3. Eat lots of fruits.

Increased fruit intake is fundamental to prevent broken capillaries forming on your face, essentially consuming fruits comprising of antioxidants is another extremely viable cure since they help in the flow. Some of them are oranges, lemons, kiwis and raspberries.

Again, Blend half avocado with 10 drops of rosehip oil, to accomplish a homogeneous blend and apply to the affected area followed by a gentle massage for a couple of minutes. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse your face. This is effective enough to cure you of broken capillaries.

4. Applying which hazel.

Use of witch hazel as a home remedy against broken capillaries on the face has gained popularity over the years. Its haemostatic effect helps to maintain blood within broken blood vessels. Apply witch hazel 3 times a day using a cotton pad to your face to help minimize the blotchy appearance that results from broken capillaries.


How can you prevent broken capillaries on face?

Well, prevention is better than cure and there are several ways you can achieve that.

o Avoid extreme hot temperatures

o Avoid exerting a lot of pressure such as picking or squeezing to your skin.

o Use cold water to wash your face since it helps minimize the redness caused by broken capillaries.

o Always keep your skin hydrated. Drink lots of liquids and keep your face moisturized using appropriate face creams all day.

o Reduce alcohol and other drugs.
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